Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Top 5 Oils...Right Now

My ER order ships on Thursday, and I am in desperate need of some of my favorite oils! Thinking about which oils I'm running low on makes me think of which oils are my favorites. {I think we ALL know what Jenna's favorite oil is! Jenna - am I right?} This list is a moving target, but I thought it'd be fun to share which ones are getting the most use in my household. Now as a disclaimer, I'm cheating a little bit and might name more than 5 - it's more like my top 5 categories. I just love my oils! {grin}

1. SLEEP! Oils that help my kids relax and sleep are at the TOP of my list. EVERY day, some combination of lavender, cedarwood, and peace & calming end up on my kids. But...BUT...I just discovered Tranquil. This blend combines lavender, cedarwood, and roman chamomile. I have the single of roman chamomile but hadn't used it...I think I might try it on its own and see what happens too, but I am obsessed with Tranquil right now. It smells wonderful and is so relaxing to both my kids!

2. Thyme - I think this oil smells terrible, but it keeps my husband from snoring 90% of the time we use it. I put 1-2 drops on his big toe, and hear it work its magic. We used to sleep apart quite often because of his snoring, and now I am almost never poking him and neither of us get annoyed. I swear this oil has made my marriage MUCH happier!

3. Focus - We use Brain Power and Vetiver on our son every day to help with his concentration. I have heard SO many success stories from these oils, and I am excited to see what they do in the future as he gets older. I am also in love with Clarity for me - when I feel that early afternoon slump come on, I can put some Clarity on and feel myself get more alert and wake up!!!

4. Stress Away - I probably should have put this first because it is MY favorite. Anytime I feel myself get worked up or stressed I rub my Stress Away on and can just feel the tension, anxiety, the butterflies just dissolve. It is MAGIC I tell ya!

5. Immune Support - As the mom of small kids, I want everyone healthy in my house. Thieves gets used almost every day in my house. To boost our immune systems and kill germs...this oil does it all!

So what do you think of my list??  And if you're ready to sign up and get these oils for yourself, click HERE!!!  Happy oiling!

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  1. There are so many oils I haven't tried yet. I really need to add RC to my next ER order.


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