Monday, March 31, 2014

Thieves, thieves and everything thieves

We did a blog post on the Thieves Oil.  Thieves Oil is a blend of five essential oils that are scientifically documented to be highly anti-infectious, antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic. Thieves essential oil is a safe and natural way to help care for your family's health. Since the oil is great, why wouldn't you want to try all the Thieves products? 

There are many household products based on the Thieves oil.  They have toothpaste, mouthwash, concentrated all purpose cleaning, hand sanitizer, spray and hand soap.  Do I use any of these?  YES!  I use them all, and I am totally in love.

There have been studies that the Thieves blend works better on bacteria and mold than bleach.  And it is non-toxic.  If your kid happens to put the spray bottle in their mouth and start drinking (not that this has EVER happened to me?) there is no call to poison control.  The suggestion is to drink some water because it might "taste bad".  I don't think Coy thought it tasted too bad.  :)  I use this cleaner for everything, countertops, bathrooms.  I have even put a capful in the laundry to wash the clothes, or to take the mold smell out when I forgot to put them in the dryer- ooops!  

Have you read the ingredients on your toothpaste tube?  It is toothpaste and says that you shouldn't ingest it! Why would you put that in your mouth? The Thieves toothpaste took a little getting used to for me, its not the minty taste of Crest and it doesn't 'foam', but now I can't use anything else. And my teeth feel cleaner ALL DAY.

The spray.  This spray saved me!  My throat was killing me, kept me up all night and then I decided to try the spray.  I sprayed it directly in my mouth and it numbed my mouth immediately and helped so much.  Anytime it started to come back, I sprayed again and poof.  This stuff works y'all!  

And my other favorite- the hand sanitizer!  Regular sanitizers are terrible for you and new research is coming out showing that they don't even work to kill cold and flu germs!  Why put that toxic stuff on your hands (one of the places that your body absorbs the quickest), when there is a non-toxic product available?  

Look at this deal?  You can save about $60 with this deal.

This can get you started, and if you enroll in essential rewards, you are getting 10-20% back in products each month and with reduced shipping costs.  Why wouldn't you switch all your household products over to these?  You aren't spending any MORE money, you are switching your money!  To a better product.  With rewards.  And making your family healthier in the process.

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  1. That definitely sounds amazing. Okay, okay, I'll give this stuff a try.


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