Monday, May 4, 2015

Are you guilty of one of the 5 most common oil mistakes????

This weekend was great.  I had a great group of women oilers come to hang out, learn about more oils, and share their stories. It's amazing.  I hear them everyday as part of this "job", but I am still blown away every time.

Many of you might already be oilers, and if you are, you might be falling into one of these "oil traps".  Here are my 5 most common oily mistakes that I hear constantly…..  don't find yourself in one of these traps.  Be prepared  :)

1.  "I just don't have that perfect oil, so I am not going to use anything."  This happens ALL the TIME.  And I have even been guilty before, for sure.  Yes, if someone has a runny nose, I want my RC.  I do have a minor freak out if I don't have my RC.  But what if you don't have it?  Well, try something!  There aren't side effects.  These oils have so many healing properties.  Don't you get tired of me telling you that a particular oil (or really every oil) is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbal… well, that's because they are!  So USE something.  Anything… Slap it on.  It definitely won't work if you don't try it :)

2.   Waiting until you feel bad to buy your oils.  If you don't have an oil, you can't use it.  You don't think you need Digize because you hardly ever have an upset stomach.  Hmmm… but if you DO have a stomach problem, don't you want it?  Be prepared, stock up.  You can't help yourself if you aren't prepared. Look into the Golden Touch kit-  I believe this is a must have after your everyday oils collection!

3. Not using enough oils.   You have to actually use your oils to get a benefit.  No way!  :) Put a couple drops on your feet, on your chest, put 8-10 drops in your diffuser, put 3-4 in your hands and cup them over your nose and breathe in.  If you want to get these oils into your bloodstream, use them!  Smelling them out of the bottle is nice, but you aren't going to get the same huge benefits. Really use them and see what happens.   At my next gathering, you can be one of the amazing stories being told!

4. Not using them often enough.  I think this is a really common pitfall.    If you have an issue that came on fast, you need to attack it fast.  They have done tests of essential oils and the levels in your bloodstream.  The oil is detectable in your bloodstream within 2 minutes.  It peaks at 20 minutes and has a 10 minute half life.  You can still detect the essential oils in your blood for 4 hours. However, 20 minutes after using it, the levels are at their highest and start to drop semi quickly.  SO, if something comes on quick and needs to be addressed, you need to reapply every 10-15 minutes for optimum effectiveness.   Read that again- bleeding, bites {for example}… reapply every 10-15 minutes.

5. Speed matters.  The quicker you respond to an illness or injury, the quicker the oil enters your system, the quicker you will recover.  When I put lavender/purification on Tyce's mosquito or ant bites immediately, they end up WAY smaller and I need less applications.  If I wait an hour or so, it takes a lot more applications to get the swelling down.  Act quick!

If you aren't yet part of this oil adventure, there is no time like now. Your body will thank you (and your family too).  Sign up here as an independent member !

Friday, March 13, 2015

5 things you have surely experienced if you have 2 toddler boys

I was originally thinking I would write about having 2 toddlers.  However, I have a lot of friends and my sister who have girls.   I am sure there are some exceptions but boys and girls are so different.  I will probably be thanking someone later when we enter high school that I don't have two girls, but right now they sure do give me a run for my money.  Do you have boys?  Tell me you can't relate to these things!

1. Boys do NOT sit still.   Our coloring limit?  Pushing 5 minutes.  Watching TV while sitting?  Can't remember the last time this has happened- although I beg for the first every time I am cooking dinner each night.  But watching TV either upside down or while jumping from couch to couch trying to hit each other with fake swords?  Sure! Anytime!

2. EVERYTHING is physical.  Can we playing without touching?  Heck no!  Is someone a bad guy?  Always.  What is the best activity ever?  Wrestling, of course.  Boy always have to be touching each other.  Why can't we just sit and talk?  Why can't we play superheros without them pounding each other to the ground?   Doesn't happen.  And what do they do when they haven't seen a good friend in a long time?  Yeah, you guessed it, tackle them to the floor.  SO WEIRD!  :)

3.  EVERYTHING is loud.  OMG- the louder the better.  Everything is loud.   I can't stand loud. And this is my life :)

Along with those three that drive me absolutely insane, there are some definitely advantages.

4.  Nothing is off-limits.  Want to play outside when its 104 degrees outside?  Sure!  Want to run errands with mom?  Sure, sounds fun!  How about organizing the garage?  So fun!  These boys think everything is awesome and are definitely up for any adventure- regardless or temperature or conditions.  I very rarely get a complaint that something is "too hot", "boring", or "not fun".  The benefit of the high energy- for sure!

5. Competition.  I am a little competitive, Clancy is a little competitive (yes, just a little, hehe).  We honestly would have struggled I think if our boys weren't.  (Yes, we would have gotten over it, but being completely honest, it would have been tough!)  These boys want to win at everything.   "I ran faster than him"  "I ate more than him."  " I am stronger than him"  " I am a better golfer than him"  "I will be bigger than him when I grow up".  "My piece is bigger than yours"  "I want to get my pjs on first" .  Everything is a competition.  And we wouldn't have it any other way- ha!

Boys sure are busy- and awesome of course!  Those of you with boys, please tell me you feel the same way????

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The transition from working mom to stay-at-home mom…

I distinctly remember looking for a daycare when I was pregnant with Tyce.  I wanted to make sure I found one that at least stayed open until 6:30.  I was in public accounting, Clancy was in public accounting, surely one of us could always leave by 6 to get him everyday?  I loved my job.  I was one of the few that would openly tell people that I wanted to be a partner (this is few and far between in public accounting- ha!).  I would seek out opportunities, any opportunity, to advance my career.  I specifically waited until I was a manager to get pregnant because career-wise I believed that was the best option.  Yes, I was THAT person.  (Totally nothing wrong with that person- but just so you get the picture.) I remember someone coming up to me and saying, "You know, you aren't going to care what time the daycare closes, your priorities will shift."  I laughed and thought, "She doesn't know me."  Turns out, she might have known me better than I knew myself!  (Or at least knew the effects of parenthood on some people).

Tyce was born in 2010, and as most of you have also experienced, I had emotions I had never felt before.  I was dreading going back to work, but everyone reassured me that I would get used to it.  I cried the first day. I cried the second day.  I stressed out at work starting around 2 or 3 trying to figure to what time I could leave so I wouldn't hit traffic and could get Tyce as early as possible.   Everyone kept telling me it would get easier.

Tyce as a baby

Fast forward a couple years, and for me, it didn't get easier.  Along came another kid and I still would rather be home with them.  I still loved my job, but I realized I loved spending time with my kids so much more.  I cared so much less about the money. All of these other working moms had adjusted to some extent and I couldn't.  Totally nothing against them, I was actually a little jealous I couldn't quite "adjust", but I was still struggling.  I refused to EVER leave them at night, on the weekend, send them to church nursery because I couldn't stand being away from them for another minute - I felt like that time was way too valuable.  This started to effect other things as Clancy and I would never go on dates, would never leave them, etc.  I refused to even stop at the grocery store and run in to get one thing on the way home bc that was time I couldn't see them- sound crazy?

Enter Coy

We decided that we were going to have a total change of plans and after the third kid came along, we would find a way for me to stay home.  And then that third kid did come along...

Baby Bryn...the one who pushed me off the cliff :)

Let's just say that decision was easy emotionally and financially difficult.  I had been in public accounting for 10 years.  Clancy is in the same profession which means we were basically cutting our income in half.  EEEK… at ANY income level, that is tough! We made a lot of financial sacrifices and decided to go for it.

Although I am a CPA, holistic health has been my passion for a while.  When I decided to stay home, I also decided I would pursue the business side of essential oils for "fun" because I loved the oils so much and as many of you know, love sharing my opinions.  :)  I guess this is the part where people keep telling you "the financial part will work out".

Young Living oils have blessed my family more than you can imagine.  In the relatively short time that I have been pursuing this business, it has provided me with 1) financial benefits I could have never imagined, 2) an avenue to pursue my passion of helping people get healthier and learn how to be healthy, 3) a way to channel my competitive drive, and 4) given me adult interaction and the best of both worlds - a career while being home with the kids.

Tyce with the Aroma Complete

I hardly ever talk about these oils as a business opportunity because I don't want to ever distract anyone from how amazing these oils are.  And its not about business to me, its about getting healthy.  It is about teaching people that there are other options.  But what I want everyone to take from my story is this:  find what you LOVE, find what you want to do, pursue it.  Pursue it with 100% effort, even if you have limited time.  It will pay off, emotionally, spiritually and the financial part will come.  Although I loved my job, nothing compares to staying home with my kids and doing something I love on the "side".  I can't even begin to express how excited I get when I hear all of your oil success stories.  These oils have changed my life in more ways than one- and I know they have helped more of you than I can count.  I hope they will also bless yours if you haven't yet started your journey.

If you aren't a member and want to be part of the Oils Adventure team, sign up here.  We are also hosting a few live classes this month (first on on Sunday in Austin) and webinars, so if you want more information, please comment or email me.

These are a few of my favorite things…...

I love that song.  I think that is how it goes?  I sing some version of it to my babies when I rock them to sleep.

Anywho….. I was thinking, what are my favorite YL products?  Well, here they are.

Favorite cleaning product:  Did this first because duhhh- thieves!  I use the thieves cleaner for everything, countertops, bathrooms, glass, couches.. you name it, I LOVE it!

Favorite diffusing combo: I made the post topic so I can break the rules.  I still stand by my two favorites which are either: Thieves OR Lavender and Lime together.  It is getting cooler outside, so I have found myself diffusing Thieves more- reminds me of the holidays.  Christmas Spirit it out of stock, so throw some Evergreen Essence in there with the Thieves and you got your Christmas smells!

Favorite Supplement: Gosh this is so hard.  I am going to have to pick 3. HA!  I love Life 5 (Probiotics are crucial y'all- make sure you are taking one!).  I also love the longevity capsules because I really feel like they help me have every and I really like my Inner Defense to have on hand just in case. So, I guess I have to say all 3.

Favorite Drink:  Ningxia Red.  Another duhhh?  If you haven't tried this, try it for a month.  See how you feel.  If you don't feel any different, stop.  You can do it for one month right?

Favorite Everyday oil:  This is so hard too, but I am going to have to go with Peace and Calming or Frankincense.  I love them both for opposite reasons but sort of the same reasons?  HA!  Peace and Calming totally relaxes me at night and helps me fall asleep.  Frankincense relaxes me when I have kid related anxiety.

Favorite "other" oil:  Tie again.  RC and Digize.  I couldn't live without either of these oils, honestly. RC works better than anything ever has for my kids when they are stuffy.  Digize is so great for all things stomach related.  If you can bear the smell, you will feel the benefit.  Both of these oils are amazing in my opinion.

Favorite oil kit:  Golden Touch.  This kit has so many oils that I use quite a bit.  This kit is perfect for those of you with kids for the winter months.

Favorite "other" product:  The ART day activator.  This stuff is great.  It has a very slight fragrance to it, and it is so light.  I put it on my face every morning- love it!

Favorite of my three children:  Psh…. yeah right.  I did always wonder though how parents didn't have a favorite.  Something you totally don't get until you have kids, right?  At any given moment of course I would prefer to hang out with one rather than the others, but its so true, you don't have a favorite!

What are your favorites from some of these categories?  Haven't gotten started and so you don't yet have favorites?  What are you waiting for?!!!? Sign up here!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Ningxia Red- it is THAT good

Ningxia is my new soapbox.  Why?  Because it is THAT good y'all!  It is THAT good for your body, THAT good for your health, your sleep, your stress…. you name it.   You have got to try this stuff, and here is why…

Straight from the EODR,  "Ningxia Wolfberries have long been treasured in the natural health community.  Their phytochemical profile is legendary:  amazing polysaccharides, calcium, 18 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, beta-carotene, vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E along with phlyphenols.

Ningxia Red has an amazing ability to provide high levels (the highest you can find actually) of antioxidants while boosting energy, naturally!    It supports brain, digestive and cognitive health.  It fortifies the cardiovascular system and supports healthy blood pressure levels while promoting restful sleep patterns.  It also aids in the body's natural anti-inflammatory response and enhances immune function.  It also supports proper muscle and joint health."

What if I told you to get all of this, you ONLY had to drink 1-2 oz a day?  What if I asked you to try to replace that multivitamin you are using (that is probably filled with all sorts of artificial ingredients anyway) and try Ningxia for 2 months?  What if I told you it will be about the same price but I almost could promise you would feel better?  AND, it tastes good!

Along with Ningxia Wolfberries, Ningxia Red contains Blueberry juice, Plum Juice, Cherry Juice, Anonia Juice Pomegranate Juice, Grape Seed Extract and the essential oils of Orange, Lemon and Tangerine.  This drink is packed with nutrients.

What is even better?  Y'all have samples of this drink in your premium starter kit.  OR, are you not quite ready to start with oils, but want to try this for a couple months?  You could get started with the Ningxia Red starter kit.  Trust me y'all, you will want to try this stuff.  You won't be able to get enough.  You will feel better, less tired and your health will thank you.

Who's in?  What do you have to lose?  Don't you think its worth a try?  Your kids will even LOVE it!

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