Friday, March 13, 2015

These are a few of my favorite things…...

I love that song.  I think that is how it goes?  I sing some version of it to my babies when I rock them to sleep.

Anywho….. I was thinking, what are my favorite YL products?  Well, here they are.

Favorite cleaning product:  Did this first because duhhh- thieves!  I use the thieves cleaner for everything, countertops, bathrooms, glass, couches.. you name it, I LOVE it!

Favorite diffusing combo: I made the post topic so I can break the rules.  I still stand by my two favorites which are either: Thieves OR Lavender and Lime together.  It is getting cooler outside, so I have found myself diffusing Thieves more- reminds me of the holidays.  Christmas Spirit it out of stock, so throw some Evergreen Essence in there with the Thieves and you got your Christmas smells!

Favorite Supplement: Gosh this is so hard.  I am going to have to pick 3. HA!  I love Life 5 (Probiotics are crucial y'all- make sure you are taking one!).  I also love the longevity capsules because I really feel like they help me have every and I really like my Inner Defense to have on hand just in case. So, I guess I have to say all 3.

Favorite Drink:  Ningxia Red.  Another duhhh?  If you haven't tried this, try it for a month.  See how you feel.  If you don't feel any different, stop.  You can do it for one month right?

Favorite Everyday oil:  This is so hard too, but I am going to have to go with Peace and Calming or Frankincense.  I love them both for opposite reasons but sort of the same reasons?  HA!  Peace and Calming totally relaxes me at night and helps me fall asleep.  Frankincense relaxes me when I have kid related anxiety.

Favorite "other" oil:  Tie again.  RC and Digize.  I couldn't live without either of these oils, honestly. RC works better than anything ever has for my kids when they are stuffy.  Digize is so great for all things stomach related.  If you can bear the smell, you will feel the benefit.  Both of these oils are amazing in my opinion.

Favorite oil kit:  Golden Touch.  This kit has so many oils that I use quite a bit.  This kit is perfect for those of you with kids for the winter months.

Favorite "other" product:  The ART day activator.  This stuff is great.  It has a very slight fragrance to it, and it is so light.  I put it on my face every morning- love it!

Favorite of my three children:  Psh…. yeah right.  I did always wonder though how parents didn't have a favorite.  Something you totally don't get until you have kids, right?  At any given moment of course I would prefer to hang out with one rather than the others, but its so true, you don't have a favorite!

What are your favorites from some of these categories?  Haven't gotten started and so you don't yet have favorites?  What are you waiting for?!!!? Sign up here!

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  1. I just got the Golden Touch kit in my latest order. I am excited to try these new oils. Although I'm not excited to need them, if you know what I mean.


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