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Hey Ya'll! My name is Lauren, and you may or may not notice a resemblance to Jenna. Jenna is my older sister, friend, and neighbor. I am married to her husband's best friend/roommate from college, Brady, and we have two sweet little girls, Kinley (2) and Rylin (6 months). We love to be outside..whether it is hiking, running, biking, or just exploring Austin and all it has to offer.

I tell my husband I work three jobs right now: 1) my full time job in Talent at Deloitte  2) sharing my love of oils, and 3) being a mom. But, I love each one of them so it makes it easy to do it all each day!

Kinley at her favorite Cali (and now Texas) burger joint.

Little (big) Rylin.
The two girls...apparently my milk has extra protein with baby #2, as she is only 4 pounds lighter than the 2 year old. :)


Similar to my sister, when I got pregnant with my first baby, I decided to start my research into food, toxins, and medicine. It was eye opening. I changed my diet, eliminated processed foods and sodas, and started to really question everything I was putting on or in my body or my kid's bodies. Fast forward a couple years later and my sister tells me about these essential oils. I know how much she does her research as well, so I listened to her explanation.  I then proceeded to tell her they were "voodoo" and "crazy person juice" but that I would try a starter kit just so I could diffuse nice smells in the house. 

Slowly, I started trying them on anything that came up, and lo and behold, it was working. I still was a skeptic even when seeing the results, so I would set up little experiments with things. When my husband would snore, I would move as little as possible, not flip him, and not wake him, and simply apply Peace and Calming oil to his feet (because if I moved him at all, I would decide that his move was the reason the snoring quit, not the oil)...and bingo, he would cease all snoring. 

Experiment after experiment and I couldn't ignore what was going on.  Very slowly, my husband came around as well, seeing how I would make an oil drink for him to gargle and his sore throat would disappear, or his headache would go away with another oil. So now, we are an oil family and I LOVE to hear others stories and how they are working/not working for various things and offering my help.

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