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Hi, I’m Jenna.  I am a mom to two sweet boys, Tyce who is almost 4, Coy is almost 2, and baby girl, Bryn, who is 3 months old.  I am also a wife to my wonderful husband. 

 Sweet little sister Bryn
 All of the kiddos
 The boys

 The family before Bryn


Ten years ago, I would have considered myself the typical woman in her 20s; ate fast food more than I should, worked way too much (which led to more fast food), got my yearly flu shot, and got any other shot I thought might help me not get sick.  But I still worked out quite a bit, and considered myself pretty healthy.  I started to experience back spasms fairly regularly, and tried seemingly everything before I finally visited a chiropractor at the recommendation of a friend.  Growing up, I thought chiropractors were quacks.  My dad had a friend, who was a chiropractor, that I visited a couple times, and I always went away feeling worse than before!  I vowed it was a crazy profession and would never go again.  However, let’s just say that this visit would change my life.  After my first visit, I would only have one more back spasm to this day, but this visit did more for me than just fix my back.  It opened my eyes to a lot of things that I was completely oblivious to before…. The way our bodies work, how the brain and spine effect and control the functionality of our bodies, the consequences of what we eat, what medicines we take, and how major drug companies pay so much money to change the public’s perception… after this visit my life wouldn’t be the same again.  I became extremely interested in this new way of living (my husband might say obsessed), and wanted to figure out the healthiest way I could live.

 Since then I have done hundreds of hours of research, attended numerous seminars, read many books and talked to some very educated people.  Trying to find the truth has been a frustrating journey, as I have learned that everyone has their opinions.  And much like politics, everyone believes their opinion is the ONLY way.  And most importantly as a mom with a limited amount of time, it’s been a difficult challenge to apply this advice and information I’ve received throughout the years.  I find myself in a constant struggle to do what is best for my body and my kids’ bodies, with limited time and some things that I can’t change. 

This journey brought me to essential oils.  This wonderful hidden "gem" was a whole new world of providing health and wellness to my family, along with a healthy lifestyle.  The first stop to everything sickness, avoiding doctor's visits, and improving immunity.  And when nobody is sick (which is happening more and more often), I use my diffuser daily to improve mental focus, improve my mood, calm down my kids and disinfect the air. I use the thieves product line to clean the house and use oil on my husbands feet daily to stop the snoring.  :)  I can honestly say these oils have improved my everyday life.  Come explore with us.   You don't have to be "crunchy" to love these oils.  You just need to love health, wellness and fantastic smells.  Knowledge really is power.

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