How to Order Essential Oils

So it's pretty simple to order Young Living products, and I'm going to make it even easier by walking you step-by-step and explaining your options to you. You're welcome! {grin}

First, go to the Young Living enrollment page, click HERE.

The first thing you will pick is whether you want to sign up as a Retail Customer or a Wholesale Member.

Jenna, Lauren and I both feel you get better benefits from being a Wholesale Member. And let me explain why. If you sign up as a Wholesale Member, you will save 24% off ALL your orders as long as you spend $50/year. Very minimal commitment to save 24%! However, if you are nervous make any commitment at all, you can signup as a Retail  Customer, try a product or 2 and switch later if that suits you better.

After you've chosen how you want to signup, you need to input the Sponsor/Enroller ID of either Jenna, Lauren or me {Allena}. I have listed both below, and you put the number in BOTH boxes.
{Allena = #1513230, Jenna = #1512827, Lauren=# 1519672}

Now, this step is ONLY if you signed up to be an Independent Distributor. You pick a starter kit. Jenna and I firmly believe the 'Premium Starter Kit' is the best bang.

And here's why. You get ALL OF THE BELOW for $150. You get the 'Everyday Oils' collection that includes ELEVEN oils {and these will be the ones Jenna and I talk about first}. PLUS, you get the Home Diffuser which is AMAZING. This is how you can diffuse oils throughout your house, classroom, office {I have lemon diffusing as I type this to help get the crud out of my nose!}. This by far gets you the most products for a great price. {If you have questions about any of the other kits, let me or Jenna know, and we'll be happy to explain the differences, it's just a lot to type out.}

Then, you have the option to enroll in Essential Rewards. We all LOVE Essential Rewards, but if you signup here, you have to buy another kit. So check the box to 'enroll later'.

But to explain ER, here's a quick visual. {50PV = $50, so essentially you spend $50/month and earn free product}

And that is enrolling in a nutshell!

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