Monday, March 17, 2014

How about some conversation about supplements??!?

Ok, let's take a short break from oils (not that I WANT to, but maybe you do?) and talk supplements.  When I started my "crunchy" journey about 5 years ago, I did a lot of research into supplements.  Which ones should I take?  Are all supplements created equal?  Should we even take supplements?  Do we need a multi-vitamin?

The amount of information on this was totally overwhelming.  And the crazy thing was if you talk to one doctor they will tell you the exact opposite of another doctor.  Where do I start?  Luckily there is this lovely thing called the internet, and after hours and hours and hours and HOURS of research and conversations with a lot of different "medical type" people, I formed my own opinions.  And, like everything else oils related, this is my own opinion.  And this is what I do for my family.  So, take what you want from it :)

So, in the winter months my whole family gets this routine everyday:

1. Thieves on feet in morning and night- help with that immunity!
2. Ningxia Red (especially the adults, sometimes the kids)- this is an awesome YL product, which I am sure I will blog about later.
3. At night the kids get what I call "yum yum".  The kids LOVE their yum yum and when it is announced that it is yum yum time, I have cheering kids running towards me.  Are they brainwashed?  Maybe?  :)
Yum Yum consists of applesauce that has a high quality probiotic mixed in as well as about 4000-5000 IUs of Vitamin D.
4. They also get Vitamin C "gummies", a fish oil pill most days and elderberry when they have been around sickos.

The above is everything for the kids.  For Clancy and me, we both take a quality probiotic and about 8000 IUs of vitamin d3.

Y'all, if you haven't done your research on Omega-3, Vitamin D3 and probiotics, I suggest you start.  These three things in addition to my oils, I believe, are key!

So, in the summer we only do probiotics, thieves and fish oil.  I hardly ever put sunscreen on my children or us (another post for later), and so they get plenty of Vitamin D in the summer without supplements.

So, this has worked for us... and maybe it would work for you?  I am sure people would have different opinions than I have, but after my hundreds of hours of research and conversation, this is what I feel most comfortable with.

Is your regiment any different?  Why?

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