Thursday, March 13, 2014



Oh Valor..... I will admit that at first, I didn't know what to do with you.  Seemed so weird and random to me?  It is nicknamed the "chiropractor in a bottle".  Why do I need a chiropractor in a bottle when I go to the real chiropractor every week?  Well, I gave Valor a chance and some time, and I will admit, this one is growing on me!

Valor is a blend that has a bunch of interesting ingredients.  Spruce helps release emotional blocks; rosewood has a balancing effect on emotions; blue tansy helps aid liver function and calm the lymphatic system; and frankincense helps elevate the mind and overcome feelings of sadness and despair. Try this popular blend for tension relief, help with sleep, or to relieve snoring.  

I have had neck pain a couple times, the type of pain that I know I just need to go back to the chiropractor.  I couldn't go at the time and applied Valor before bed.  I woke up and it was all gone.  Through this I also noticed that like Peace and Calming, Valor helps me relax.  So, many times when my husband is out of town, I apply Valor and Peace and Calming for a better night sleep.  

A friend of mine mentioned that Peace and Calming didn't stop her husband from snoring but Valor did! This is the beauty of these oils, if one doesn't work, there is most likely another option to try.

Valor is also a great one to try on kids that have anxiety or need help calming down. Allena will do a whole post about what her family is doing for Trent {and especially the oils they are using}, and Valor is a part of their regimen!

Have you tried your Valor?  Next time you feel a little off, or are uptight, try your Valor!

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