Friday, February 7, 2014

Peace and Calming!

Peace and Calming- my second favorite oil.  Well, since this is my blog, I am doing my two favorite oils first, because I can!  :)

Peace and Calming, ahhhh, it’s wonderful.  First and foremost, it has totally curbed my husband’s snoring.  Does he still snore? Yes, sometimes.  But, a lot of nights it’s  totally gone.  If he does snore, it is so much more quiet.  So, my sister tried it.  Her husband was dead asleep, snoring.  She woke him up, put the oil on his feet and he fell back asleep in the same position, NO snoring.  That is my number 1 success story for this oil, because nobody likes a snoring husband!  {Allena jumping in here – Brent and I spent the majority of 2013 sleeping in separate rooms.  Every time he slept in our room, he snored, and I woke him up, and he got mad that I woke him up.  Enter Peace and Calming, and we spent 90% of 2014 in our room together!}

Peace and Calming is great also in the diffuser, I diffuse at night sometimes to calm everyone down.  Allena diffuses in her son’s room and says that he asks to have it on to help him go to sleep. 

I put it on my feet before bed, and on my kids’ feet if they are especially wound up.  I think it helps me sleep better, and I see improvement in the kids too.  I do want to add here though that this oil and every oil works differently on different people (because of course we are all different!)  So, if this doesn’t have the same effect on you or your kids, try something else.  You could try lavender, some people react better to lavender to calm them down.  What about stress away?  Or valor?  A lot of oils is about trial and error and what works for one, might not work for another.  Lavender is supposed to have a calming effect; it doesn’t work that way on my kids.  They get more hyper.  I don’t know what it is, but this is just a small example to experiment, it won’t hurt!

Some people have also claimed that peace and calming works for their asthma, or that they wear it as a perfume.

Basically this oil aids in relaxation.  If you smell it straight from the bottle, it is STRONG (as they all are since they are so pure).  Diffused it smells wonderful, and like a lot of the others you will get used to the smell and learn to love it.  It has also been known to reduce teeth grinding, and help with feeling anxious or blue.  Why not give it a try?

Have you tried peace and calming?  Any other success stories?

Stay tuned, I think peppermint is next…..ahhhhhhh

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